WhatsApp integration lets you message or notify customers on their WhatsApp numbers.

My business benefits from WhatsApp Business integration.

The WhatsApp Business app lets small businesses automate, sort, and respond to client communications.
WhatsApp Business API lets medium and big organizations scale client communication.

Freshchat: How do I add WhatsApp?

This article explains adding a WhatsApp number to Freshchat.
Freshchat trial users can add their WhatsApp Business number and use up to 1000 talks per month per WABA. Upgrade to a premium subscription to use after 1000 talks.

WhatsApp Business API usage?

Customer Support Messages

WhatsApp customer support replies to consumer-started discussions. These communications require a 24-hour response from businesses. They allow:

1.Troubleshoot private talks
2.Instantly reach customers
3.Please contact customers via their preferred channel.

Template Messages

Business-initiated template messages can be sent anytime. They allow:

1.Send essential, timely communications during your customer’s purchase journey.
2.Contact customers who reply to your notifications.
This page explains Template Messages.

How does 24-hour reply work?

The WhatsApp Business Messaging Policy requires you to respond to customers within 24 hours.
You can continue a chat with someone who initiates it for 24 hours using Freshchat or otherwise.
Your agents cannot react 24 hours after their last message. This is the agent’s screen after 24 hours.

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